DAWN 11:11 Art Collective Austin TX

is a collective between two niche artists of different mediums, but of the same punk ideology, who came together thru other worldly connections and major paradigm shifts in their lives. Artist couple Kristen Grundy, a photographer and filmmaker, and Dave Glass Riddick, an illustrator and printmaker, established DAWN 11:11 Art Collective, November 11, 2018, in the Fishtown / Kensington section of Philadelphia PA, to join forces to make a mark in the art world. They relocated to Austin TX in May 2021 and have been consistently vending live events since June.

What We Offer:
• Commission Photography, Retouching and Illustration
• Image Licensing 
• Original Works, Prints, and Apparel for Sale

DAWN represents a new beginning, a new dawn. The 11:11 is significant to one of many sets of numbers the couple would experience randomly (most times simultaneously) within their day to day lives, while living apart on different coasts in the beginning of their relationship. Kristen and Dave currently reside in North Austin, with their black cat familiar Mr. Bugsy, and exhibit together coast to coast.  

Kristen Grundy (b.1981) is an American punk rocker, dark art creator, and fantasy / surrealism conceptual photographer whose works bravely call for us to look into where most may not want to: the essence of survival through the struggles that exists in the depths of our complex psyches, and personal stories. Read more... 

Dave Glass Riddick (b.1972) is an American artist and printmaker. His visual art encompasses imagery of strong women of punk/gothic subcultures, creatures, urban decay, struggles with addiction, mix-matched with hand drawn typography. His art has been exhibited in galleries and venues, and published in books and magazines, from Philadelphia to the Netherlands. Read more...

Contact DAWN 11:11 Collective

Commissions and image licensing available by request.

Inquiries about purchasing art unavailable in our shop menu may also be answered here. Our work is available in person at events & exhibits, and via multiple channels in our shop menu.

We thank you for your interest in what we do. Without you we would not be able to sustain.  


Kristen & Dave
DAWN 11:11 Art Collective Austin Texas

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