Fade Away

Fade Away is a visual representation of being trapped in a state of trauma in which is dragged around like a heavy coffin dredged up from a river of muck. Carrying on with phases of disillusioned weariness and manic hysteria, it is a process of being haunted and trying to shake it. It drags on and on, ensuing a state of walking on eggshells. Confrontation is inevitable for the haunting to fade away.

"The Act" Short Silent Film

A girl's night out, stepping back into a time of theatrics and magic, where one lucky participant is doomed. Short film done in silent film 1920's fashion.

"The Cell" Short Film

Claw and escape however you can, even if only in your mind.

"Army Men" Short Stop Motion Film

A Stop Motion Animation film, where the imaginary battle with army men is brought to life.

"Super Soldier" Short film

A secret government experiment in the making of a bionic super soldier. Cyborg creation at its finest.

"X" Short Film of a Conspiracy Theorist Lair

Is the conspiracy theorist really crazy? Is there something to the clues he has scoured over and over? Only time will tell.

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