Dave Glass Riddick

Seething through his youth, a Ritalin prescribed, ADHD, latchkey Catholic Altar Boy in the Carolinas, who knelt at the altar of fear and lies and rang the sanctus bells - tolling for the black sheep of broken homes. Art and music has since remained an outlet for "Dave Glass" Riddick.

Raised in the 1970's, young Glass was immersed in pop culture - collecting puffy monster stickers and Evel Knievel items, staging mock battles with Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures, and building hot rod and war machine models in the haze of Testors glue fumes. A decade later hanging out in the movie rental / film developing shop his older brother worked in, B movie posters and VHS tape covers introduced him to strange new art. Un-tuned to the world, he found an escape discovering sub-cultures in the 1980's. Igniting his journey, teenage Glass began scribbling on school desks, skateboards, and brown paper bag book covers, as well as making homemade punk rock stencil spray painted and Sharpie pen T-shirts, and painting leather, army and denim jackets. His work was majorly influenced from skateboarding culture, and drumming for punk/hardcore bands.

Dave Glass Riddick has since illustrated and designed album covers, posters, and t-shirts for numerous bands, from GBH to Soundgarden. In addition, has hand screen printed licensed clothing and merchandise for boundless bands around the world, ranging from punk rock to black metal. Some select clients have included AC/DC, GG Allin, Dead Boys, Ramones, Numenorean, and Watain. Glass has also created art for anything else subversive around the world, ranging from the adult industry to burlesque troupes, as well as roller derby promotions and tattoo conventions. His work has been featured in books such as The Art Of Modern Rock, Electric Frankenstein High Energy Rock N Roll Poster Art, Aphrodisia II Art Of The Female Form, in addition to numerous international publications such as Numinous Magazine, Tattoo Mania Magazine, Carbon 14, and Devolution Magazine. His art has been exhibited in galleries and venues from Philadelphia to Germany, including Black Vulture Gallery and House Of Blues Disney World.

Fast forward to 2019 Mr. Glass reverted to more traditional painting and drawing, and is back out there doing gallery exhibits and vending events with DAWN 1111.

In addition to creating art for other bands, over the past 3 decades, Mr. Glass has held the throne as drummer for many musical endeavors since his first high school punk hardcore band in 1987 Sap Green. Projects have included The Strychnine Babies, Dead Empty, and Doomed To Obscurity among others. He has been on a musical hiatus since 2015.

Dave Glass Riddick relocated to Philadelphia PA in 1992, pre gentrification when it was still gritty, with a brief stint in Brooklyn NY in 2003. Currently residing in Fishtown section of Philadelphia, with his uber talented girlfriend, son, and black cat familiar Mr. Bugsy.

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