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2020 Kensington Derby & Arts Festival



Saturday, May 9 2020

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Fishtown Kensington
Trenton Ave between Norris and York St
Philadelphia PA 19125


New Art Wares Available

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Latest works by DAWN 1111

Fade Away created by Kristen Grundy title art by DAWN 1111

Fade Away is a visual representation of being trapped in a state of trauma in which is dragged around like a heavy coffin dredged up from a river of muck. Carrying on with phases of disillusioned weariness and manic hysteria, it is a process of being haunted and trying to shake it. It drags on and on, ensuing a state of walking on eggshells. Confrontation is inevitable for the haunting to fade away. ~ Kristen Grundy

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Into The Moonlight by Kristen Grundy

Photography 2020

prints available upon request

Funhouse Alien Boy by Dave Glass

charcoal, acrylic and gouache, on wood panel, 6X6in, 2020 *Available for purchase*

prints available upon request

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