CBGB Viva Le Punk Festival Silkscreen Print

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CBGB Viva Le Punk Festival 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Silkscreen Gig Poster Reissue
Original Art by Dave Glass
Model Messy Stench

Professionally printed in house at DAWN 11:11 in Austin TX.

18" x 24" freehand drawn silkscreen print on acid free French paper cardstock hand pulled by artist. Signed and numbered limited edition of 50.

Art ca. 2003 print 2023

2 AP ( Artist Proofs ) archived by artist


In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the CBGB, R.I.P., the first Viva Le Punk Festival Dave Glass decided to reprint a small run of only 25 to commemorate the event. These were never before available as a silkscreen print. Originally in 2003, these posters were offset prints on cardstock. Only 500 posters were initially printed to promote the Viva Le Punk Festival, with a mere 42 of them signed.

Some featured bands headliners Abrasive Wheels, MDC, TV Smith ( The Adverts ), Huge Cornwell ( The Stranglers ), The Adicts, New York Rel-X, Criminal Class UK, The Casualties, Kraut, Beerzone and Niblick Henbane. Other bands included The Unseen, The Krays, Molotov Cocktail, The Expelled, The Boils, Neon Maniacs, Street Brats, Lower Class Brats, Antidote, Midnight Creeps, Turbo AC's, Wretched Ones, Drongos for Europe, Capo Regime, Broken Heroes, Cranked Up, Weekend Warriors among others.
Sponsored by Trash and Vaudeville, Two Tone, TKO Records, Tripp NY