Dave Glass Art

Dave Glass
 (b.1972) is an American illustrator and printmaker. His visual art encompasses imagery of strong women of subcultures, creatures, urban decay, struggles with addiction, and the human condition, intertwined with his signature hand drawn typography. His art has been exhibited in galleries and venues, and published in books and magazines, from Philadelphia to the Netherlands. 

Seething through his youth, a Ritalin prescribed, ADHD, latchkey Catholic altar boy in South Carolina, knelt at the altar of fear and lies and rang the Sanctus bells - tolling for the black sheep of broken homes. Art and music have since remained an outlet for Dave Glass.

Un-tuned to the mainstream world, Dave found an escape discovering sub-cultures in the 1980's. Igniting his journey, teenage Glass began defacing school desks, book covers, skateboards, making stencil spray paint and marker T-shirts, and painting jackets. His work was majorly influenced from skateboarding culture, and drumming for punk/hardcore bands.

After Relocating to the city of Philadelphia PA in 1992, GLASS’ found his stride illustrating and designing album covers, gig posters, and t-shirts for numerous bands, such as GBH, The New York Rel-X, and Soundgarden, as well as designing logos and posters for burlesque troupes, roller derby leagues, and tattoo conventions around the country. In addition, he has hand screen printed licensed clothing and merchandise for boundless bands and events worldwide since 2003. Select clients have included AC/DC, GG Allin, Dead Boys, Ramones, Plasmatics, and Blondie.

GLASS' has worked in the prepress and screen printing industry since 1993. Over the decades he has honed skills as a professional printmaker/printmaster. His roots began initially xeroxing punk fanzines and flyers, evolving into hand screen printing rock posters and licensed band merchandise plus much much more. Mr. Glass continues to screenprint art prints, on occassion, in his tiny garage print shop to this day.

Dave Glass relocated to Austin TX May 2021, due too shutdowns from the Covid-19 Pandemic among other factors. He's currenly living with his photographer girlfriend Kristen Grundy, his teenage son, and Mr. Bugsy, his black cat familiar in North Austin. Together both Kristen and Dave establshed DAWN 11:11 in 2018, living in the Villain Arts compound in the Kensington / Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. They both still enjoy creating together under that moniker, and showcasing their collective works at events and exhibits around the country. 


Art Institute of Philadelphia. Associates, Visual Communications, 1995.

Solo Exhibitions:

2010 - Delicious Boutique, “A Decade of Vice,” Philadelphia, PA. USA. 
2006 - The Red Room, “Communion,” Wilmington DE. USA.
2005 - Aphrodite Gallery at Passional, “Guilty Pleasures,” Philadelphia, PA. USA.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2023 - UMA Gallery, "Comfortably Numb," Oakland, CA. US.
2022 - Fallout SF, "Fallout Opening Exhibit," San Francisco, CA. US.
2019 - 63 Bluxome Street Gallery, "DAWN 11:11 Collective Exhibit," San Francisco, CA. US.
2019 - Martha, "DAWN 11:11 Collective Art Installation," Philadelphia, PA. US.
2019 - Tattooed Moms, "Tattooed Mom Turns 22," Philadelphia, PA. US.
2016 - Artworks, “Against the Grain Art of the Counterculture,” Trenton, NJ. US.
2014 - Black Vulture Gallery, “Lord Of The Flies,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2013 - Black Vulture Gallery, “Speaking In Tongues II,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2012 - Parlor Gallery, “Fun Is The Law,” Asbury Park, NJ. US.
2012 - Independence Seaport Museum, “Past To Present,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2011 - Black Vulture Gallery, “None More Blacklight,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2011 - PAWS, “More Than Nine Lives,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2011 - Toothless Cat Gallery, “Girls Are Evil,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2011 - Black Vulture Gallery, “Speaking In Tongues,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2010 - James Oliver Gallery, “It Came From The Drawing Board,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2010 - Toothless Cat Gallery, “Group Heart Show,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2010 - Toothless Cat Gallery, “Femme Noir,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2010 - Exit Skate Shop, “Deck Heads III,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2010 - Digital Ferret, “Electronic Saviors Cancer Benefit,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2008 - Off The Wall Gallery, “Under A Hundred,” Philadelphia, PA. US.
2008 - Rogue Buddah Gallery, “Jammers Blockers And Pivots,” Minneapolis, MN. US.
2005 - House Of Blues Disney World, “Ready Steady Destroy Art Of Modern Rock Poster Exhibit,” Orlando, FL. US.

Public Collections​:

Fallout SF, San Francisco, CA. USA. 2022 - Present.
La Galerie Provocatrice, DP, Amsterdam. NL. 2011 - 2012.
Kymara Gallery, Biddleford, MN. USA. 2010 - 2013.
Artist In Residence, The Toothless Cat Gallery, Philadelphia. PA. 2009 - 2011.

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