Changing of The Old Guard Silkscreen Print

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Changing of The Old Guard Limited Edition Serigraph
Original Art by Dave Glass

19" x 25" freehand drawn serigraph on cardstock hand pulled by artist.

Signed and numbered limited edition of 5.

Art and print made 2008.
Originally a project Dave Glass created for a friend, and former band mate in The Strychnine Babies, Christian Martucci for one of his bands Black President, featuring Greg Hetson of Bad Religion, Red Cross, and Circle Jerks. This art was initially created for the Black President - "Last Fucking Hope" 7" record cover in 2008. The band name has nothing to do with President Obama whatsoever, they existed before he ran for president. Just a coincidence. Unfortunately the 7" vinyl, that was supposed to come out on Porterhouse Records, remains unreleased.