Murder Junkies Red Eyed Rats Necktie Barbary Philadelphia Silkscreen Print

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Murder Junkies Red Eyed Rats Necktie Limited Edition Silkscreen Gig Poster
Original Art by Dave Glass

19" x 25" freehand drawn serigraph on cardstock hand pulled by artist. Signed and numbered limited edition of 30. Art and print made 2005. Model Hel.
"Originally illustrated ink and brush work for a limited edition silk screened poster, hand pulled on a friend's Frankenstein press in "The Armpit of America" New Jersey. Used for a gig with a band I drummed for Red Eyed Rats, opening for Necktie and Murder Junkies in 2005 at The Barbary in Philly. Dino Sex, infamous Murder Junkies drummer, borrowed my drums for the show. The gig ended up in a riot, from inside the venue out onto the street, with fights breaking out between Nazis, bikers, random people in bands, and the audience. It was bloody and so were the limited posters that didn’t all survive. For a few years prior to this event, I was hand screen printing GG Allin and The Murder Junkies merch for his brother Merle Allin via my friend's business, Sourpuss Clothing." - Dave Glass